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this a space to praise the prestigous literary magazine based out of Hollins University
for those who are/were in love with Cargoes and/or the outside literary world (or the Hollins Eng. Dept.)

post trivia, your favorite poem(s) from an issue, thoughts, etc.
and hell, any literary world trivia (or gossip) is fair game.

adrian blevins, alfred the rat, annie dillard, annie woodford, anon, awp, bradley hall, cargoes, cathryn hankla, chickens, cluckity cluck cluck cluck, cock block/writer's block?, community, computer labs, creative writing, creativity, critique, cross-genre work, dana, dara wier, denise giardina, drama, elizabeth forsythe hailey, english, english & creative writing, english department receptions, english major envy, english majors, eric trethewey, fiction, free verse, george garett, ghosts, gossip, grapheon, green drawing room, haikus, henry taylor, history, hollins, hollins college, hollins university, honors thesis, how punny, inman majors, internships, intro to journals project, jeanne larsen, jen boyle, jill mccorkle, jonathan musgrove, julia johnson, julie pfeiffer, kathy acker, katie letcher lyle, kiran desai, leanne howe, lee smith, limericks, lisa radcliff, literary festival, literary journals, louis d. rubin, lovin', madison smartt bell, main, marcy trianosky, marilyn moriarty, matthew klam, mfa, michelle ann abate, movement, nancy thorp, natasha trethewey, paul zimmer, pauline kaldas, pinckney benedict, pleasants, poetry, politics, post-modernism, postmodernism, prose, puns, r.h.w. dillard, ragin', response poems, richard dillard, seminar, sestinas, sonnets, spinster, swannanoa, t.j. anderson, tama janowitz, the album, the hollins columns, the hollins critic, the quadrangle, tnker mountain writers' workshop, turner, turner lounge, tutorial, undergraduates, wayne johnston, workshop, writer's block, writers-in-residence, writing, wyndham robertson library